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ABOUT  Jessica

Jessica Leonard is a Contemporary Realist oil painter who enjoys creating complex and highly realistic paintings. Growing up in the Saratoga Springs Area, horse racing has always held an exciting part of Jessica’s summer heart. As she is evolving as an Artist she finds herself drawn to the strength and spirit of “The Sport of Kings”.

Beyond that she is moved on a daily basis by the beauty of the things we are surrounded by: The sun shining through the windows catching the flecks of dust on the air; the beautiful juxtaposition of a dark foreboding sky against the dull late November leaves; the way her daughters’ hair falls like auburn silk across their rosy little cheeks...

Much like how she notices the small beauties in everyday life, she strives to catch the small beauties in the paintings she creates. Many clients have said her work has captured a subject’s spirit just right. Maybe it’s because the spirit is represented as much by the tiniest detail in the eye as it is in the picture as a whole. Together all of those small moments in an image bring to life what our heart’s eye sees.

  She spends her summers in Saratoga Springs area where you can find her work at Spa Fine Art on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. She currently resides in the historic Village of Walden in New York’s picturesque Hudson Valley with her Husband and two daughters.


Leonard graduated in 2003 with a BA in Fine Art from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

Awards & Nominations:

Member: Oil Painters of America

Member: International Guild of Realism


Jessica has been selected as the Signature Artist 4 years running at Saratoga Springs Charity Gala “An Unbridled Affair”. Her painting  “Horse Behind the Legend” was featured in the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame as a spotlight artist in 2016.  Her work resides in the private collections of some well-known members of the racing community. Jessica has been featured in numerous local publications and she continues to expand her work base between her home and the Saratoga Springs area.

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